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 Antigues  shop  JIM - ART

We are a new owner.
This shop was established by Mr. Martinek 30 years ago. Fine English Antigues and furnishings were sold in his store.  Due to his bad health conditions we took over the shop and slowly started to give a new character to the shop.
jim-art sells fine antigues from England, France and other european coutries.  We are looking for an original furniture from the Biedermeier time, Art-nuevo, Art-Deco till the modern design of 20th century.
Our customers can buy the furniture from us in the original condition or restored or work with our professionals on the final restoration touch. Please ask us if you need any help with items you would like to purchase and we will get
promptly back to you with more details or pictures.
We can also help you to find any special pieces

Team   Jim-Art.


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